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You · Think · You · Know · But · You · Have · No · Idea

Sucky day.

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Today sucked ass. I'm so frustrated right now. Let's start off with the fact that just today Joanne and I found out that we have less than a month to find a new roommate for our apartment. That's going to put so much stress on us when everything was supposed to be all set and we were supposed to be enjoying our summer. I called into work today because Claire knew of this party but that fell through so now do I not only have no plans but I also lost out on money. I tried to talk to James about it but nothing new, things with him are weird too. He acts like he never wants to hang out and I can never really talk to him about anything cause I sometimes feel like he isn't even listening. I just want to curl up in a ball and sleep but thats what I did last night so tonight I'm getting shitfaced and just not caring. I'll update later on how it went.
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