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Weekend fun!

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This past weekend was a really fun one. Friday night I went out to the bars with James and his friends. I got completely shitfaced which usually happens when I don't drink for a while, also I had barely eaten anything that day..woops! It was a fun night overall though. Saturday night I worked and even though it was pouring out it was still really busy. I didn't get out until 10:00 p.m. but after that I went with Liz and Claire to a hotel "get together" in Hyannis. It was pretty fun, it was only a few of us hanging around drinking beers. My ex-boyfriend who is good friends with James texted me and said "I'm at a party near your house, you should come" what a loyal friend huh? I love how he tries even though he knows I'm in love with James and totally do not want anything to do with him romantically. Sunday I woke up kind of early because my family thinks its okay to be super loud at like 8:00 a.m. when I came home at 3. I got my nails done with Claire and then went shopping with James. Then James and I went back to his house and he made fetticini alfredo with shrimp, it was amazing, that boy is SUCH a good cook :-) After that we watched Just Friends which is kinda funny but mostly pretty stupid. I worked 10:45-4 today at the restaraunt (sp?) and I'm hoping to have a fun night tonight!
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On June 27th, 2006 01:01 am (UTC), whatadarling commented:
aw i'm glad you had a good weekend, cait, you deserve it :)

oh and i totally know what you mean about loud families, haha i miss sleeping in till 2! the boys come in my room, my parents talk in the hallway outside my door and the dogs are everywhere...ahh family life. well at least we can sleep in next year! miss you
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