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My goals

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So I quit my job today at McFadden's aka the worst place ever to work. Okay, well not really but my manager was a huge bitch, the hours are horrible and if you work at night you get sexually harrassed 24/7. Not by the employees but by the customers. I called Bobby Byrnes to put myself on the schedule over winter break and then when I get back from break I'm going to find a job. I feel guilty quitting but I just could not take that place anymore. It took over my life. I thought up some goals for myself for the next couple of months: 

-Do well in all of my classes

-Find a job that I like (preferably waitressing or maybe working at a tanning place)

-Start going to the gym

-Quit smoking 

-Lose 10 lbs

-Persue modeling

-Join a yoga or pilates class

Looks like I have a lot to do but I'm ready to improve my life and be the best that I can be. I've been slacking a lot and bumming around so now it's time to get my shit together. Happy Holidays everyone!
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